What are the best free tools for cross-browser testing?

Can anyone please suggest me some free tools for cross-browser testing.

There are several cross-browser testing software tools that help testers while debugging , while some are totally free to use others however offer free plan for limited time. Following are the popular options :

  • Multibrowser Offers a free trial of their software which has full functionality for 14 days. After that point, it will drop down to limited functionality unless you buy the paid version.
  • LambdaTest The most affordable pricing scheme and value for money, LambdaTest offers real time and screenshot testing. They also have free plan that you can try before deciding.
  • Microsoft Expression Web SuperPreview This component of the Expression suite is now free to download, although it is no longer officially supported by Microsoft.
  • Adobe Edge Inspect If you are developing for mobile platforms, Edge Inspect is the tool you need. It lets you pair multiple iOS devices to your computer, get screenshots, synchronize browsing, and more.
  • CrossBrowserTesting CrossBrowserTesting lets you run automated screenshots, and do live testing across multiple platforms. They offer a free trial, and flexible monthly pricing.