What are the benefits of using a test automation framework for automated web testing?

Can anyone please let us know some of the benefits of using a test automation framework for automated web testing.

Original Source: Test Automation Frameworks - What to Know Before You Choose One

A test automation framework is one of the essential parts of an automated testing process, as it enables testers to develop, execute, and report on the automation test scripts adequately. There are various advantages of using a test automation framework, some of which includes:

  • Ease of scripting your test cases
  • Provide scalability for testing scenarios
  • Offers modularity and process definition
  • Allow reusability of test cases with low maintenance requirements

Most developers often use one or more automation testing frameworks for maximum benefit.

Imagine your testing team comprises of five members, performing automated cross-browser testing for your web app. Now, each one of you might use your own methods to write the automation script. So the outcome will result in a different style of coding. It is also possible that your testing team might not be able to leverage the standard pieces of code and scripts. That’s where a test automation framework helps. If you execute cross-browser testing with a cloud-based automated testing tools like LambdaTest, the results will be outstanding.

With the help of a test automation framework, you can establish a universal standard for testers, maintain your tests easily, eliminate the risk of human errors, achieve continuous testing and delivery, fasten your test progress, and save time, money, and efforts.

So, you see, if a test automation framework is implemented appropriately, it can deliver continuous and stable automated test code.