What are the benefits of combining TestNG and Selenium?

Can anybody please inform me about the benefits of combining TestNG and selenium.

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Check out the following pointers describing the benefits of using TestNG with selenium:

  • TestNG with Selenium allows you to create a well formatted test report without writing a single line of code. he report generally contains various test cases that get executed or test cases that passed or failed.
  • TestNG provides you the access to various annotations that can control the the test executions
  • It allows users to create a bunch of test cases and convert them into a xml file where you can set the priorities of test cases.
  • TestNG provides easy and flexible test configuration.
  • Users can create data-driven frameworks.
  • TestNG is supported by a wide range of tools, plugins, and IDEs

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There are so many good reasons why testers working on QA solutions prefer to combine TestNG with Selenium. First of all, it gets easier for testers to execute multiple tests for cross-browser testing. Moreover, it allows you to organize numerous test cases with ease when you are using these two combined.

Above all, TestNG and Selenium used together to make it easier to process test results while generating test reports becomes much smoother.