What are the benefits of a bug tracking tool?

What are the actual benefits of a bug tracking tool? Planning to use it.

Bug tracking is important for every product to maintain quality, to save time and money. Selecting a right bug tracking tool can help you improve software quality assurance.

Here is thee list of major benefits that a bug tracking system has:

1. Deliver High Quality Product: It helps to remove flaws in the product by controlling the work of each team member. The system can track problems and analyse efforts taken by team members to fix a bug or an issue. This results in delivering efficient product on-time within a given budget.

2. Improve Return on Investment (ROI) by Reducing the Cost of Development: The Bug Tracking system help find bug of all kinds and prioritise them, This helps the development team fix those issues which are at the highest priority rather than fixing other unimportant issues. This improves the productivity of the team thus reducing the cost.

3. Detect Issues Earlier and Understand Defect Trends The most obvious advantage is that it allows companies to keep a record of the bug issues that are detected, who fixed them, and how long it took to fix a particular issue. A bug tracking system detects bugs in the formal testing phase. This helps to create a bug-free data in the production stage.

4. Better Communication, Teamwork and Connectivity A bug tracking system provides better communication through chat interfaces and email notifications. This reduces the communication gap and informs the right person to test or fix bugs on time.