What are the advantages of using Gauge test automation framework?

I want to know some advantages of using Gauge test automation framework. Can anyone please provide me some information regarding it.

I am assuming that you already know about Gauge test automation framework. So speaking of advantages there are quite a few and I can list some as follow.

  1. Wide range of templates are available in a language of your choice to have an easy kick start to the project.
  2. Command Line support it allows easier integrations with CICD tools.
  3. Gauge framework supports all major programming languages including GoLang.
  4. It supports wide variety of plugins, here is a list of all plugin categories available.
  1. Language Runners: Java runner, C# runner, C# runner(.Net Core), Ruby runner, Javascript runner, Golang runner and Python runner.
  2. IDE Plugins: Visual Studio Code, IntelliJ and Visual Studio.
  3. Reports: HTML Report, XML Report, JSON Report, Spectacle and Flash.
  4. Build Management: Maven and Gradle
  5. You can even create your own plugin using their open source Gauge API.
  1. Instead of navigating through stack traces it quickly detect issues through screenshots of event failures and multiple reporting formats available
  2. Being an open-source it offers integrations with cloud-based solutions like LambdaTest for addressing the cross browser testing goals. Helps you create scalable tests by executing them parallelly
  3. Easy to write effective test cases by team members.
  4. Automated crossbrowser testing is easier.
  5. Scalability of product requirements across the QA, Dev and Business teams.