What are the advantages and disadvantages of automation testing?

I want to know the advantages as well as disadvantages of automation testing. Can someone please help me?

I think this answer will be helpful.

Advantages of Automation Testing:

  • Easy Regression Testing
  • Reusability Always Make You Feel Better!
  • Powerful Test Reports To Help You Analyze Hundreds Of Test Cases With Ease!
  • Schedule Your Test Execution 24/7
  • Ability To Perform Testing On Multiple Platforms In Parallel
  • It Saves You A Lot Of Time
  • Reduced Business Costs & Better Utilization Of Manpower
  • Shift-Left Testing Done Better
  • Improving The Quality Of Manual Tests
  • Maximize The Test Coverage
  • Maximizing ROI

Disadvantages of Automation Testing:

  • Proficiency is required to write the automation test scripts.
  • Debugging the test script is a major issue. If any error is present in the test script, sometimes it may lead to deadly consequences.
  • Test maintenance is costly in case of playback methods. Even though a minor change occurs in the GUI, the test script has to be re-recorded or replaced by a new test script.
  • Maintenance of test data files is difficult if the test script tests more screens.
  • Not many bugs found
  • Maintenance Time and Effort
  • Slow feedback
  • The false sense of quality