What Are Test Driver And Test Stub And Why We Need Them?

Test Driver And Test Stub

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Two elements used in software testing processes are stubs and drivers, which act as a temporary replacement for a module. These are an essential part of software testing as well as general software development.

Stubs are used for testing modules and are developed by the testing team during the Top-Down Integration Testing process. Testers are capable of stimulating the behavior of the lower level modules that are not yet integrated with the software with the help of these test stubs. In addition, it helps stimulate the activity of the missing elements.

Whereas, Software testers use drivers to satisfy the requirements of missing or incomplete components and modules. These are usually more complex than stubs and are developed during Bottom-Up approach of Integration. When the upper level of codes or modules are not developed, drivers can be used to test the lower levels of the code. Drivers act as pseudo codes that are used primarily when the stub modules are ready, but the primary modules are not ready.

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