What are open source manual test management tools present?

I want to know what are open source test management tools present.

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Do you need a fully fledged tool? Would a repo of markdown tests, or spreadsheets work?

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I tried to think of spreadsheets but I wasn’t so comfortable with that. So I prefer to have a fully fledged tool that can work long term.

Yeah that’s fair. I only ask since depending on how many tests / testers etc you have, a proper tool might be overkill I’ve only dealt with Paid tools so can’t give much input based on experience I’m afraid

Currently, I am the only tester in the team doing both manual and automated, I want to have proper documentation on the manual test cases and then Automate them.

In my opinion a “proper tool” would be overkill for a single tester. Generally turning manual tests into automated tests doesn’t result in well designed and maintainable tests If you are writing automated tests I assume they are under version control? Why not have whatever manual tests live in the repo?

Yup, they are in GitHub. How can I have them live in the repo, how would they look… Sounds like a Good idea. Do you mean having them in the readme.md file

Could have a .md file for each test / feature. For example I’ve been moving some tests from a spreadsheet into a repo to share it more easily. https://github.com/flynnbops/manual_accessibility

Thanks for sharing @paul.brown

No worries @miro.vasil, No doubt, there are lots of other options to consider. But should be able to get some benefits without the overhead of a full testing tool