What are all the tests that should be performed to ensure the cross browser compatibility of a website before going live?

Hi, Please suggests what are all the tests that should be performed to ensure the cross browser compatibility of a website before going live? Need help!

After checking out all the major compatibility issues, you need to perform a round of cross browser testing in general taking of minor but important factors like:

  • Alignment of elements: Are all the elements aligned the way you want them to.
  • Pop Ups: Check if the pop ups are being displayed properly and are opening in all browsers.
  • Alignment of checkboxes: Checkboxes can cause problems in many browsers. Make sure that your checkboxes are aligned and in proper working condition.
  • Alignment and functioning of Buttons: Buttons hold a major part when it comes to CTAs or any other action so you need to be sure that they are aligned and properly working across diverse browsers.
  • URLs redirection from buttons: Check the links to which the buttons are redirecting.
  • Drop down Menus: Verify that the drop downs work as expected across all browsers.
  • Forms and Form APIs: Make sure that the forms take in data and the data is transferred to the collecting API endpoint intact.
  • Grids/Tables: Check the alignment and location of tables and grids if any across every browser.
  • Sessions and cookies: If your website uses cookies, verify that the prompt is there and it works accordingly.
  • Dates: Test if the date formats as decided in every browser.
  • Zoom in and Zoom out functionality: Check if the zoom in and zoom out functionality works properly and doesn’t break the UI when in action.
  • Appearance of scroll: Check if the scroll is present on both horizontal and vertical bars and is functional.
  • Flash: Make sure that Flash supported videos, animations, RIAs, and applications work cross browser.
  • HTML animations: Verify if your animations load across all browsers.
  • Mouse hovering: Check if the mouse adjusts to the button, text box, link, and white space accordingly.
  • Image alignment: Make sure that all the images are aligned and in place across different browsers.
  • Alt tags: Alt-tags are again important and we need to be sure that they are in place.

And everything else that you can think of in every possible browser, OS, and device combination.

But you might need a perfect cross browser testing tool which can help you in performing cross browser testing locally.

Once you’re done with performing this cross browser testing checklist, you’re all set to go live and hit the green button. I hope you might not face the situation like my friend because you’re smart enough not to repeat the same mistake