[Webinar] Shift-Left Testing and Continuous Feedback to Deliver Quality at Agile Speed ▶️

Shift-left testing process is an agile software development practice for deploying test cases early in the project life cycle, i.e., during the initial stage.

Join us with our special guest Patrick Walsh, an experienced Shift-Left Practitioner and Engineering Manager at Teckro, and host Harshit Paul, Product & Growth Manager at LambdaTest, for the webinar on shift-left testing. In this webinar on shift-left testing and continuous feedback to deliver quality at agile speed, Patrick Walsh helps you understand how to move from manual to 70% automation testing with DevOps practices. In addition, you will learn about the shift-left testing pyramid and the best practices for implementing a combination of Shift left, DevOps, DevSecOps, and automated testing for large software projects.

You will learn:-

⇒ Why is shift-left testing a necessity for Agile projects?

⇒ How to build a culture of shift-left testing in an organization?

⇒ How far left is good enough to reap the benefits offered by shift-left testing?

⇒ How do shift-left, DevOps, and Automation work in tandem to accelerate quality software releases?

⇒ How far Left is good enough to maximize the benefits of shift-left testing?

⇒ How can cloud-based test automation platforms (along with shift-left) help teams & enterprises save costs, minimize defects, maximize test coverage, and accelerate Time-to-Market (TTM)?

⇒ How can enterprises catalyze the shift from the traditional testing approach (or shift-right) to shift-left testing?

⇒ How can the learnings involved in executing a shift-left testing strategy aid in building a learning culture in the workplace?

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