[Webinar] LambdaTest & Zebrunner🔗| Smart Test Execution & Transparent Analytics ▶️

Join this webinar with LambdaTest and Zebrunner to dive deeper into effective test automation.

:point_right:t2: Join us with our special guest Irina Tsvirko, Team Lead, Software Development At Zebrunner, and Veena Devi, Lead Engineer Developer Relations at LambdaTest to dive deeper into effective test automation with the combo solution.

QA teams normally put in a lot of effort and time to maintain a successful test automation process. In this webinar, Zebrunner and LambdaTest are pleased to provide a unique combo solution that enables QA engineers to execute testing in a more efficient manner.

:heavy_check_mark: Users can now utilize LambdaTest Selenium Grid to run tests, send test results straight into Zebrunner, and analyse them fast using a variety of artifacts (video, pictures, test logs), AI/ML failure classification, and quality trend reports.

:heavy_check_mark: Using Zebrunner’s interfaces with the most common Project Management/Quality Assurance products on the market, it’s also possible to maintain traceability between systems.

:pushpin:What will you learn from the Webinar :page_with_curl:

:round_pushpin: What is Zebrunner?

:round_pushpin: What is LambdaTest?

:round_pushpin: How do you use LambdaTest?

:round_pushpin: What are the benefits of LambdaTest and Zebrunner integration?

:round_pushpin: How to configure LambdaTest and Zebrunner accounts?

:round_pushpin: How to launch tests on LambdaTest from Zebrunner?

:round_pushpin: How to detect failures with rich artifacts and AI/ML?

:round_pushpin: How to track product quality with live dashboards?