Uploading PDF/Excel Files in Manual and Automated Testing

are we able to upload “PDF files/excel files” while running manual test RD browsers and app automation testing.

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Hi Alex,

Yes! When you’re running manual tests or running automated tests for web browsers and apps, you can easily upload PDFs and Excel files. To do this, use Google Drive.

First, log in to your Google Drive account. Then, share the file you want to upload via Google Drive on your device where you’re testing.

This way, you’ll not only share and access the file easily, but you’ll also make sure it’s easily accessible during the test.

Google Drive’s easy-to-use interface and powerful collaboration capabilities make it a great option for sharing and managing your files in a test environment.

By adding Google Drive to your test workflow, you’re enhancing collaboration, simplifying file access, and improving the overall efficiency of your manual and automated testing process across different browsers and apps.

Your questions help us improve. Thank you, and please keep them coming!