Unable to find API access token/key in Redmine

I am unable to find the API token needed for integrating my Redmine account with LambdaTest. Do you know where I can find it?

Hello! Hope all’s well.

You have to first enable the REST web service in your Redmine account to find the API token. To enable it, you have to open “Administration” → “Settings” → “Authentication”, Enable REST web service( :heavy_check_mark: ), and save.

Once you have saved it, you can open “My Account” and click on the “show” button and the API token will be displayed.

On LambdaTest, you have to open the “Integrations” section and click on “Redmine” integration.

Then you have to enter the “Domain URL” which you can find under “Home” in your Redmine account, API access token which you have copied from “My account” and click on install.

You’ll get a notification, “Your Redmine integration is in progress. We’ll notify you via email once it is done.”

The email will be delivered within 2 minutes and that’s it. You are good to go!

Hope that answers your questions. Good day!

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