[Tutorial] Parameterized Tests With JUnit | JUnit Tutorial With Selenium ▶️

Learn how to write data-driven tests with different technologies from Real to Angular with Selenium in Java and JUnit framework.

JUnit allows you to write test cases in a more robust manner, along with offering a host of features; including parameterization. This is Part V of the JUnit Tutorial for beginners, where Anton Angelov (@angelovstanton) helps you understand the concept of parameterized tests in JUnit and deep dives into how to write a data-driven test with JUnit. By the end of this video, you will know how to create leverage data-driven framework with Selenium and Java JUnit framework.

To run parameterized tests with JUnit, you need to:

  • Annotate the test class

  • Define test data

  • Define variables to store the test data and read the data in tests

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