[Tutorial] Learn GitLab in 3 Hours | GitLab Complete Tutorial For Beginners ▶️

This GitLab tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about GitLab.

In this Complete GitLab CI Tutorial, Moss(@tech_with_moss), an expert in DevOps and CI/CD tools, deep dives into Git commands, navigates you through GitLab Interface, and helps creating a GitLab pipeline in detail.

By the end of this video, you will learn -:

:black_medium_small_square: What is GitLab CI?

:black_medium_small_square: Introduction to GitLab Interface

:black_medium_small_square: What is GitLab Workflow?

:black_medium_small_square: What is GitLab Flow?

:black_medium_small_square: How does GitLab CI work?

:black_medium_small_square: How to use GitLab Flow in GitLab Project?

:black_medium_small_square: What is GitLab Pipeline?

:black_medium_small_square: How to create a GitLab Pipeline?

:black_medium_small_square: How to Migrate from Jenkins Pipeline to GitLab CI?

:black_medium_small_square: What is GitLab Registry?

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