[Tutorial] How To Use Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP) In Selenium 4 | Pin Script ▶️

Are you aware of the “Pin Script” feature in Selenium 4? If not, then this video is for you as it gives an overview of how to use the Pin Script feature in Selenium 4 CDP with live examples.

In this video on Introduction To Selenium 4 Chrome DevTools Protocol, Anton Angelov (@angelovstanton) - CTO and Co-founder of Automate The Planet Ltd, explains the “Pin Script” method. This technique allows you to auto-execute scripts on all the pages you are voting for. All you need to do is submit the script once, and it will be executed on every page you vote on afterwards until you run out of votes or decide to change that script.

:pushpin:Also, you will get answers to these questions​:page_with_curl:

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