[Tutorial] An End To End Playwright Testing Tutorial | Playwright With TypeScript | LambdaTest ▢️

This Playwright testing tutorial covers everything you need to get you up and running with the Microsoft Playwright framework with TypeScript.

In this complete Playwright tutorial, 𝙆𝙀π™ͺπ™¨π™π™žπ™  π˜Ύπ™π™–π™©π™©π™šπ™§π™Ÿπ™šπ™š (@Koushik_chat), Content Creator at LetCode walks you through the introduction to Playwright and its excellent features, with their in-depth tutorials, for better understanding. This course has multiple chapters and covers the following topics:

:small_blue_diamond: What is the Playwright framework?

:small_blue_diamond: How to install Playwright?

:small_blue_diamond: How to use functions and selectors in Playwright?

:small_blue_diamond: What are some specific Playwright testing features?

:small_blue_diamond: How to handle inputs and buttons in Playwright?

:small_blue_diamond: How to interact with alerts and dropdowns in Playwright?

:small_blue_diamond: How to handle frames and windows in Playwright?

:small_blue_diamond: What is Date Picker in Playwright?

:small_blue_diamond: How to upload and download files in Playwright?

:small_blue_diamond: What is the page object model in Playwright?

:small_blue_diamond: What are Playwright fixtures?

:small_blue_diamond: How to do cross-browser testing on LambdaTest cloud?

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