Top Cross Browser Testing Challenges and Their Solutions

What are the top Cross Browser Testing challenges and their solutions.

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Cross browser testing has become an important part of the web development process. However, with the large number of browsers out there, it can be difficult to test them all. The proliferation of browsers, from Chrome and Firefox to Opera and Internet Explorer (even Safari!), can present serious challenges too.

Some of the challenges that exist with cross browser testing includes:

Challenge 1: It Is Challenging To Automate Cross Browser Testing

Challenge #2: In-house Infrastructure Setup And Maintenance Is A Burden

Challenge #3: Testing On Too Many Browsers, Including The legacy ones

Challenge #4: Frequent browser updates

Challenge #5: Testing on too many OS combinations

Challenge #6: Testing for visual bugs in all screen resolutions

Challenge #7: Executing tests on multiple browsers simultaneously

In order to get a detailed insight on each one of these along with the solution, plz go through this blog on Top 7 Challenges Of Cross Browser Testing With Solutions


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