TestNG Common Assertions and LambaTest Categories

What are some common assertions provided by TestNG?

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Hey Brett,

TestNG offers a powerful suite of assertions that can be used to verify your code’s behavior during a test run. Below are some of the most popular assertions and their overloaded variants:

  1. assertEquals:

    assertEquals(String actual, String expected, String message)
    // Additional overloaded versions for various data types

    This assertion checks whether the actual and expected values are equal, allowing you to provide a custom message for clarity.

  2. assertNotEquals:

    assertNotEquals(double data1, double data2, String message)
    // Additional overloaded versions for various data types

    Similar to assertEquals, this assertion ensures that the specified values are not equal, with customizable messaging.

  3. assertFalse:

    assertFalse(boolean condition, String message)

    Verifies that the given condition is false, accompanied by a message for better diagnostic information.

  4. assertTrue:

    assertTrue(boolean condition, String message)

    Confirms that the specified condition is true, and you can include a descriptive message for improved test result interpretation.

  5. assertNotNull:

    assertNotNull(Object object)

    Checks that the provided object is not null, helping ensure that expected values or objects are properly instantiated.

  6. fail:

    fail(boolean condition, String message)

    Allows you to explicitly fail a test based on a given condition and provides a custom message for a more informative test report.

  7. assertTrue (without condition):

    assertTrue(String message)

    This version of assertTrue does not require a specific condition. It can be used to signal a failure with a custom message.

These assertions form a crucial part of TestNG’s functionality, enabling developers and testers to create comprehensive and expressive tests. Proper usage of these assertions enhances the readability and maintainability of test code, facilitating effective test case validation.

Hope this helps Brett let us know for any further assistance you need thankyou so much.

Happy Testing!!! :heart: