Testing Tomorrow: Unravelling the AI in QA Beyond Automation | XP Series Webinar | LambdaTest

In this webinar, you’ll discover the future of QA beyond automation as he explores the realm of AI in testing. Unravel the potential of AI to revolutionize QA practices beyond conventional automation.

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Thank you, LambdaTest, for such a wonderful session! The discussion on real-world AI implementations in testing was really informative. Pradeep’s insights on AI in QA were eye-opening! It’s amazing to see how AI is shaping the future of software testing. It’s clear that AI is not just the future but also the present of software testing.

Looking forward for more of these sessions on testing :slight_smile: . Keep rocking :rocket:

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I appreciated the emphasis on the challenges and opportunities that AI presents in testing. It’s crucial for testers to stay updated on these developments. The examples shared really helped me understand how AI can be successfully implemented in testing. It’s inspiring to see the impact AI can have in this field.