Testing Multiple Viewports in Cypress

Can we test multiple viewports on cypress

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Hey Miro,

Yes, indeed, Cypress supports testing across multiple viewports, providing a versatile approach to ensure your application’s responsiveness. To achieve this, you can specify and configure various viewports within a single Cypress spec file. By doing so, you empower your testing suite to assess how your application behaves across different screen sizes, enabling a comprehensive evaluation of its responsiveness and user experience under diverse conditions.

To implement viewport testing in Cypress, you can use the cy.viewport() command to set specific dimensions for each viewport. For example:

// Cypress Test Spec

describe('Viewport Testing', () => {
  it('should test multiple viewports', () => {
    // Test for the default viewport

    // Test for a specific viewport size
    cy.viewport(1200, 800);
    // Perform your tests for this viewport

    // Test for another viewport size
    cy.viewport(768, 1024);
    // Perform your tests for this viewport

    // Add more viewport configurations as needed

    // Assertions and other test logic

By structuring your tests in this way, you ensure a thorough examination of your application’s responsiveness across various device sizes. This approach contributes to a more robust testing strategy, helping you identify and address potential issues related to different viewports effectively.

Thanks for your question! We’re always here to help, so ask away anytime.