Self-Testing by Developers. The Hot Potato To Cool Down

Hello! Welcome to the very first edition of CodingJag by LambdaTest. A curated newsletter to help you with weekly updates on latest news, best tips and stories around the testing world. Well, the interesting story for this week is about the relationship between developers and testers! Absolutely loved Sergiu’s perspective on “how developers see testers” and the importance of organizational culture that moulds this interdependence relationship. We strongly believe a balanced approach is far sighted and works best for the long run.

How do you see testers or developers in your organization? Is it the Batman & Robin relationship or the Cats & Dogs! Make sure you read it and understand the difference.

How does a developer see testers

I really liked Mihaela Sfat’s insightful interview with Sergiu Oltean — a software engineer — on how developers see testers.

Google, You Might Be Wrong Now

I really enjoyed this article by Peter Perlepes that challenges the status quo of Google’s testing pyramid and, in a very insightful way, provides an alternate version that we may have not seen before. Neat and clever!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love TDD

One of the best reads I had on Test-Driven Development recently. And yet, there’s no single line of code in this article. Instead, Michael Salaverry focuses on nailing down what makes coding either great or dreadful in relation to tests, in order to find the common reasons for failing at TDD. Brilliant!

Focusing on Product Acceptance

Jeff Nyman never fails to deliver a comprehensive article and it is no different this time. This guide on acceptance testing is spot-on and we all can learn from that!

Is running automation testing scripts in production a good practice?

In short, yes, but it has to be done well. Mehul Kagathara explains why and how to test in production while taking into consideration the potential risks.

Top 28 Selenium WebDriver Commands in NUnit For Test Automation

Selenium Webdriver commands are the methods used to run your Selenium test automation scripts. Here are the different commands you’d need to automate browser actions.

CircleCI vs Jenkins: Choosing The Right CI CD Tool

With so many CI/CD tools with amazing features available, you’re bound to get confused! Find out what’s the right fit for you between CircleCI and Jenkins.

Driverless Automation With Selenium

Simon Berner demonstrates how Selenium-Jupiter can make various browser automation in Selenium much more generic. No more hassle with handling multiple drivers!

Webinar: Ask Me Anything — Michael Bolton

When someone as experienced as Michael Bolton is doing an AMA session, you simply can’t ignore it. Somehow it took me a month to discover this recording, but I don’t think it became irrelevant by any means since then. Just play it and enjoy it!

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