Parallel Test Execution in TestNG with Lambatest

How can we run test cases in parallel using TestNG?

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Hey Tom,

To execute test cases parallely using TestNG, incorporate the following key-value pairs within your test suite configuration:

  • parallel=“methods/tests/classes”: This attribute specifies the level of parallelism at which the tests should run. You can choose to parallelize at the method, test, or class level based on your requirements.

  • thread-count=“{number of threads}”: This attribute defines the maximum number of threads that TestNG should use to execute your tests concurrently. Adjust the value according to the desired level of parallelism.

Here’s an example configuration snippet for a TestNG suite named “ArtOfTestingSuite” running methods in parallel with a thread count of 5:

<suite name="ArtOfTestingSuite" parallel="methods" thread-count="5">
    <!-- Add your test, class, and method configurations here -->

This configuration ensures that TestNG executes the specified methods concurrently using five threads. Customize the suite, test, class, and method configurations within the <suite> tag according to your testing requirements. This parallel execution strategy can significantly reduce test execution time and enhance overall efficiency in your testing process.

Thankyou for asking let us know if you face any issues Happy Testing!!! :blush::heart: