Panel Discussion on Managing Testing Landscapes, Frameworks, and Tools for an Enterprise | Testμ 2023

Amid digital transformation, discover strategies to harmonize testing across diverse applications and technologies.

Our panel of seasoned industry experts unveils proven methods to optimize tools, scale frameworks, and simplify testing landscapes.

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Here are some of the questions from the session!

How do you maintain an up-to-date testing landscape while minimizing disruption to ongoing projects?

Could you share insights into the challenges and best practices for integrating various testing tools and frameworks within an enterprise to create a unified and efficient testing ecosystem?

How to choose the right automation framework for digital transformation?

What are the criteria that we need to adhere when choosing testing tools and frameworks ?

What role does governance play in managing the testing landscape, including tool usage, version control, and tool retirement?

What is your stance on no code tools ?

Is there any resource that helps you choose a tool for testing, which provides a comparison of the most popular tools?

What should be deciding factor to select and set up type of automation framework ? programming language and framework should be same what the dev-code in same project ?

What are your thoughts on establishing governance model for shared testing frameworks?

What factors do you consider when deciding whether to build in-house tools or adopt third-party or off the shelf solutions?

How do you measure the return on investment (ROI) of the testing tools and frameworks implemented within your enterprise?

Apart from just writing and implementing tests, what is the state of process and documentation of reported bugs and the workflows that follow?

What framework should we use for the query verification ?

What strategies have you found effective in managing a diverse testing landscape with multiple frameworks and tools, while maintaining cohesion and efficiency?

How can an organization determine which tools are the best fit for their present and future needs?

In your experience, how do you ensure collaboration between Quality Engineering and other departments, like Development or Operations, for seamless testing management? (Does Tooling solve the gap?)

When selecting a new automation tool, what are the key factors to consider for minimal maintenance and high return on investment?

Which all parameters from TCO perspective any enterprise should consider during automation tool selection?

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