Not able to execute Robot Tests on MAC

Hi All, Iam trying to run Robot tests but somehow my command is not recognized.Need Help

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@nithyaqtp Have you installed (pip or pip3) for Python? If yes, the following commands should be sufficient for installing Robot on Python:

pip3 install robotframework pip3 install robotframework-seleniumlibrary

In your VS Code project, run the above mentioned commands on the terminal and than check if it is working for you. Since you are using a virtual environment (VENV), you can also add robotframework and robotframework-seleniumlibrary in requirements.txt to install the respective packages for that particular virtual environment. You can use the command

pipenv install -r requirements.txt

or any other similar command. Do check out my detailed blog on Robot with Selenium and see if that helps. Though the tests were run on Windows machine, it gives a detailed idea about Robot and Selenium. Hope this helps!

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