My tunnel can be seen from my teammate's account. Is this a bug?

I connected tunnel to my account. My teammate raised that he could see the tunnel connected to his account , he didn’t not connect any tunnel.It would be great if someone can help here.

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Hey Jaanvi,

No, no it’s not a bug, this is our LambdaTest Shared Tunnel Feature, a team member can connect tunnel and share the same among the team, this shared tunnel will work for all team members to test the local website. I expect you are running tunnel with Underpass GUI app where by default shared tunnel button is ON(in show advanced configuration). you can OFF it as per your use case. Also, your team-mates can disable the active tunnel from their accounts as well. Here is the doc that helps you quickly: Using LambdaTest Underpass | A Desktop Application For Localhost Testing | LambdaTest Also, to configure tunnel through binary, --shared-tunnel flag will be used .here is doc: Localhost Testing With Shared Tunnel | LambdaTest . Hope this helps. :blush: