My test_suite stops executing after getting an idle_timeout issue, what do I need to do?

I already implemented these: desiredCapabilities.setCapability(“idleTimeout”, 270);


 * This method add screenshot of any failing test case. This method also quits
 * driver after every test execution.
 * @param result
public void methodTearDown(ITestResult result) {

My main concern is that my whole test suite stops executing after getting an idle_timeout issue on a specific test. I cannot find any solution how to prevent the test suite from completing all the tests. Any idea?

Hi Bams,

I can see in the code snippet, both idleTimeout capability and quit command has been placed properly and it should not have stopped the entire suite.

In order to debug it further, a view of Test structure would be helpful. Please let me know if we can connect by dropping an email at and I’ll get back to you within 15 minutes.