Maximizing Browser Window in Playwright Test (C#) for Edge

How can I start the Browser Windows from a PlayWright test (Using C#) in a Maximized state on Edge

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Hey Macy,

To initiate a Playwright test in C# and open the Edge browser window in a maximized state, you can use the following enhanced code snippet:

// Import necessary namespaces
using Microsoft.Playwright;

// ...

// Your existing code
var options = new BrowserTypeLaunchOptions
    Headless = false,
    Channel = browser.GetLocalBrowser(),
    Args = new[] { "--start-maximized" }

// Launch the browser in a maximized state
return await playwright.GetBrowserType(browser).LaunchAsync(options).ConfigureAwait(false);

In this enhanced answer:

  1. I’ve added a comment to indicate the need for importing necessary namespaces. This is important for the code to compile successfully.

  2. I’ve provided a comment to highlight the existing code section that you need to retain.

  3. The argument "--start-maximized" is enclosed in quotes within the new[] { ... } array. This is essential to pass the argument correctly to ensure the Edge browser starts in a maximized state.

Thank you for your query! We’re always ready to help, so feel free to reach out again.