Manual Testers In The Age of Devops!

It’s almost a month since we started CodingJag, and here we are with the 4th edition! Are you curious about the role of manual testers in future? Well, DevOps is welcoming in a time of change for everyone, not just manual testers. However, change brings a wealth of new opportunities to those that can take advantage of them. Dealing with this uncertainty and adapting to the future may be the difference between long term success and failure. Kevin Dunne explains his take on key things to be considered in the time of change, give it a read and see how you can transform into actionable goals!

Why Didn’t We Catch This in QA?

It’s a good retrospective question that most of us have probably heard at least once in our careers. Michael Bolton gives a great piece of advice on how to go through such reflection in the most beneficial way.

Can Manual Testers Survive in the Age of DevOps?

What does the ever-increasing automation mean to manual software testers? Well, it doesn’t have to be that bad! Kevin Dunne shares some really useful tips on how to adapt and mitigate the risk of becoming redundant.

10 Functional Testing Tips in Symfony

In this article, check out some of the most useful tips for performing functional testing with Symfony.

Debunking Accessibility Testing Myths

In this read you’ll get to know about some Accessibility Testing Myths.

Test Automation VS Process Automation

Often when we talk to Test Automation Engineers about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) the first thing we hear is “It is same as test automation with Selenium or similar tools.

Appium up and running (working example)

In this article,Sławomir Radzymiński wil introduce you to the Appium setup and show a few examples which were just shared on my GitHub project.

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