LambaTest Query: App Installation Issue with Black Screen on Google Play Store

I have a scenario, where I first install an app from Google Play Store. (Tried with Spotify)Once the download was successful, I open the app - I get a black screen consistently. Now, for our device stream, we would need access to the video, not the black overlay. The reason may be security, but during Live Testing we need to be able to type the credentials.

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Hello Devan,

The black screen issue every time you open the Spotify app from Google Play Store is most likely because of the FLAG_SEURE setting. This setting increases security by blocking screenshots and screen recording, but during Live Testing, you need to have access to the video and you need to be able to enter credentials.

We disable this setting through the necessary patching for the apps installed from the dashboard. This allows for smooth testing during the live sessions.

Unfortunately, for the apps installed directly from Play Store in the live session, we can’t do the same patching.

In short, we disable this setting for the apps that are installed from our dashboard to ensure smooth Live Testing.

On the other hand, for apps that are installed directly from the play store during live sessions, this setting remains intact and can potentially cause a black screen issue.

Hope this helps to understand Devan! Thank you for asking let us know if you need further assistance we are here to help.

Happy Testing❤️!!!