Lambatest App Installation Guide

How to install an app?

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Hello Joe,

To install an app using Selenium WebDriver in Python, you can utilize the execute_script driver.execute_script("lambda-install-app") method to execute JavaScript commands.

# Import necessary modules
from selenium import webdriver

# Instantiate a WebDriver (e.g., ChromeDriver)
driver = webdriver.Chrome()

# Specify the URL of the web application
app_url = ""

# Navigate to the application's page

# Wait for the app to load (you may need to customize the wait based on your application's characteristics)

# Assuming the installation script is triggered by executing a specific JavaScript function, use the following command
# Replace "lambda-install-app" with the actual JavaScript function responsible for app installation

# Example: Execute the installation script without any additional data

# Optionally, you may provide additional data if required by the installation script
# Replace the 'data' variable with the necessary parameters for your installation process
data = {
    "param1": "value1",
    "param2": "value2",
    # Add more parameters as needed

# Execute the installation script with the provided data
driver.execute_script("lambda-install-app", data)

# Ensure that the installation process has completed successfully by adding appropriate waits or checks

# Close the WebDriver session