Is there any python framework that works with Selenium?

Can anyone please tell me is there any python framework that works with selenium.

With the increasing number of Python testing frameworks in 2020, it becomes necessary to choose the ideal Selenium test automation framework that suits your requirements. Apart from unittest (or PyUnit) which is the default Python testing framework in 2020, there are many more python frameworks to choose from.

Here are the top Python testing frameworks in 2020 to realize your Selenium test automation needs.

1. PyTest:

PyTest Official Website –

PyTest on GitHub – pytest-dev/pytest

2. Behave:

Behave Official Website –

Behave on GitHub –

3. Robot:

Robot Official Website –

Robot on GitHub –

4. Testify:

Testify Official Website –

Testify on GitHub –

5. Lettuce:

Lettuce Official Website –

Lettuce on GitHub –

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