Is there any API for taking web browser screenshots?

I want to know whether there is any API available for taking web browser screenshots or not.

LambdaTest Screenshot API For Faster Visual Automation Testing

LambdaTest Screenshot API will help you build powerful visual regression testing applications or screenshot based test reporting.

You can also leverage the screenshot APIs for monitoring, reporting, or even version control.

LambdaTest Automated Screenshot API

Now you can leverage LambdaTest Automated Screenshots API and generate multiple screenshots for a URL of your choice, and that also across multiple desktop and mobile browsers. All with a single API call. Meaning you can avoid the UI entirely and you can embed LambdaTest full page screenshot feature in your testing or even product pipelines.

But that’s not all, in this post, we will look at how you can leverage LambdaTest Screenshot API for capturing full-page screenshots of your desired testing URL, in bulk.

Boosting Daily-Basis Productivity With Screenshot API

Delivering a cross browser compatibility testing tool, we understand the pressure involved in narrow release windows. Every minute may seem like an hour as a release window draws near, and this is when convenience comes as a comfort.

LambdaTest Screenshot API offers you the convenience of capturing headless screenshots in bulk on multiple (OS + browser) combinations, without even logging into the LambdaTest platform. Simply, generate a JSON file into your favorite API development environment, including the relevant configurations needed for running screenshot testing on LambdaTest, invoke the API and you are done!

Not only can you invoke the tests on LambdaTest but you can also download these bulk screenshots as a zip file. You can even define a particular screen resolution to perform cross browser testing. In case you wish to stop any screenshot test midway, you can do that too!

Perform automated screenshot testing for locally hosted web pages or web applications with basic authentication enabled. Invoke a callback URL and send the screenshots to a particular IP or URL, if you wish to share the test results with your colleagues.

LambdaTest Screenshot API would allow you to maintain a daily check on your web application & paddle faster through your release cycles by evaluating your code changes, prior to pushing them to production.

Everything That You Can Do With Screenshot API!

Now, we will look into everything you can perform by executing LambdaTest Screenshot API for generating headless, automated screenshots of your website in various browser & OS. Let us deep dive into parameters involved for invoking these Screenshot API. We will look into syntactical differences & what these differences would empower you with.