Is Quality assurance (QA)/testing as important as development?

Please somebody tell me In general, is quality assurance (QA)/testing as important as development? Why? Why are QA/testing interviews easier than development interviews? Doesn’t this directly reflect on performing poor QA or testing.

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Indeed, it is. Quality Assurance helps you get into every single nerve of the development process to assure that the product under test comes out to satisfy predefined requirements as well as all the compliance goals. Either it is a software, application, or website, Quality Assurance Services help you yield products that are highly usable, functional, performance-oriented, and secure.

Especially, when modern-day technology needs have jumped high, QA helps to create products that are efficient, safe to use, offer great user experience, and are free from any errors, bugs, or vulnerabilities that might destroy the user experience and post-launch experience with a product.