Is it important to test website across multiple devices?

Can anyone please tell me is it important to test website across multiple devices or not.

I’d like to rephrase the question as :HOW important it is to test your website across multiple devices? As the answer to : Is it important is going to be a big YES from my side!!!

Let me help you by providing some statistics:

Image source: Mobile Vendor Market Share Worldwide | StatCounter Global Stats

As you can see from the image above there are 10 major mobile vendors which count to around 86.61% of mobile devices usage worldwide in just last 1 year. Almost 13.39% of mobile usage is from other vendors and this is the case just with mobile devices. We have Windows, Mac, Tablets, and mobile OS like Androids and iOS. All of them render a website differently!

Many times, a website looks fine on one device, browser, or OS however, it fails to load on another and with this much of coverage of devices. It is MANDATORY to test upon all of them as we’d not like to leave a single user behind from accessing our site.

Now the major struggle comes how will you test upon these many devices and browsers combinations???

Well, I have a solution to this one as well. With a tool like LambdaTest, you can very easily test upon all these browsers, devices, operating systems, android, iOS, screen resolutions on a single platform. All you need to do is to just select a combination and fire up a machine.

Sounds good? Yeah?

Well, it is very necessary to test your website upon various devices to provide a seamless experience to your users. However, you need not just to blindly test upon all of them. This is dependent upon your audience and traffic, hence you need to make a proper cross browser testing strategy before you actually start testing.