IOS app Not working on lambdatest physical device


I am testing ipa on physical devices on lambdatest - > Application install but after that it shows blank screen. I tested those ipa before on lambdatest and they worked fine but now they are showing just blank screen.

If I install same ipa on my personal IOS device then it works fine.

This start happening since yesterday, before that everything was working fine.

It’s not my app related or my back-end related issue because same ipa is working fine on my personal device but it is not working on lambda test.

I believe something broke at lambdatest end perhaps resigning of app when they install ipa on physical device.

@helplambdatest @LambdaTest It’s URGENT, production release is on HOLD just because of this.

Hi Skandar,

Thanks for getting in touch on our chat channel. It seems that it was affected by the partial outage( that happened yesterday. Our team has already deployed the fix yesterday for the same.

Once again, thank you for confirming during our chat that this is now working on your end.

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