Introducing the All-New UnderPass Desktop Application

We are now live with our all-new UnderPass desktop application, available now for both Windows and macOS!

Here’s the scoop on what’s fresh:

  • Redesigned User Interface: We revamped the UI for a more user-friendly experience. :computer:

  • Diverse Login Options: Now, log in with your email and password or choose the ease of Google, GitHub, or SSO. :closed_lock_with_key:

  • Multiple Tunnel Management: Our upgraded application lets you handle multiple tasks at once. Efficient, right? :metro:

  • Advanced Configuration: If you’re into detailed setups, we’ve got advanced tunneling options for both basic and intricate needs. :wrench:

  • Streamlined Log Sharing: Debugging is a breeze with our easy log copying feature. :mag:

To get started, refer to the documentation LambdaTest UnderPass.