Im getting this error in Cypress:

Im getting this error in Cypress:

Error!! --ccf flag, cypress_config_file, cypress.json is not supported with cypress>=10,remove cypress.json if present and use
--cy="--config-file <file path>" For passing custom config files"
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Hi Ian,

With Cypress 10, you don’t have to pass cypress_config_file capability anymore thus, kindly try removing the below syntax from your lambdatest-config.json > under “run settings” and run a new test.

cypress_config_file: "cypress.config.js"


When I run the lambda test by removing cypress_config_file: “cypress.config.js” line , got the below error (Using Cypress above 10 version) Opening Cypress…

There is both a cypress.json and a cypress.config.js at the location below:


Cypress does not know which one to read for config. Please remove one of the two and try again.

@khalidh762 were you able to find out the fix for this? I happened to see the same error now