I am running automation test using GitHub,

I am running automation test using GitHub - LambdaTest/nodejs-selenium-sample: Run test automation on cloud with Node.js and LambdaTest. This is a sample repo to help you execute Node.js framework based test scripts in parallel with LambdaTest automation testing cloud but getting error “Platform name is missing in the capabilities” though I am passing it. What could be the issue?

Hi Tim,

This usually happens if you are using Selenium 4. You need to pass the LambdaTest capabilities in the options like below(JS):

const capability = {
        "browserName": "Chrome",
        "browserVersion": "108.0",
        "LT:Options": {
                "username": "user_name",
                "accessKey": "access_key",
                "platformName": "Windows 10",
                "project": "Untitled"