How to implement a Continuous Testing strategy for DevOps?

How to implement a Continuous Testing strategy for DevOps?

Hey Jacqueline,

Implementing a Continuous Testing strategy for DevOps is no small task, but it’s an integral part of DevOps and continuous delivery. A Continuous Testing strategy is necessary to deal with the volume of changes being passed to production, and the need to automate testing in order to make the testing process more efficient.

In order to implement a continuous testing strategy, you’ll need a thorough plan that includes:

  • Identifying the core functions of your application

  • Establishing priorities on automated tests based on those core functions

  • Defining how many test cases you’ll need for each priority

  • Creating a backlog of test cases that are ready to go when needed

  • Building your CI/CD pipeline in tandem with your identified tests so that they work together effectively

While this is no simple task, once your Continuous Testing strategy is in place it will become an integral part of every team member’s life. When everyone knows what’s expected of them and what the status is of their deliverables, communication between team members becomes much easier. Plus, any bugs or issues occurring will be identified much faster and addressed more effectively because you’re able to catch them before they release into production.

You can go through the following blog to further deep dive into it:

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