How to ignore a particular Id or class while comparing in Smart UI

How to ignore a particular ID or class while comparing in Smart UI

Hey Brett,

If you ever need to exclude a specific element, like a div, from being compared when capturing and comparing images in your testing, you can make use of the following code snippet:

driver.execute_script("smartui.takeScreenshot, {\"screenshotName\":\"dom-screenshot\", \"ignoreDOM\":{\"id\":[\"email\"]}}")

This script allows you to take a screenshot while instructing the testing tool to ignore certain elements with specific attributes, like an element with the id of “email,” when comparing images. It’s a handy technique to ensure that your image comparisons focus on the important aspects of your web application.

If you have any more questions about web testing, image comparisons, or any other testing-related topics, feel free to ask. We’re here to make your testing processes more efficient and effective! :blush: