How to build an automated testing pipeline with GoCD?

How to build an automated testing pipeline with GoCD?

Hey Mark,

GoCD is the first fully open-source platform that lets enterprises adopt continuous delivery practices and achieve DevOps efficiencies so that they can deliver better quality, higher-value software to their customers faster.

There are some advantages of GoCD that make it a prominent Jenkins alternative for Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment

  • Highly flexible and easy to set up for the deployment Pipeline.
  • Customizable to diverse requirements.
  • Supports Linux and Windows environments.
  • Have Flexibility to configure environment variables.

Here are the high level steps involved in building an automated testing pipeline with GoCD:

  1. Setting up GoCD Server and Agent(s)
  2. Setting Up the GoCD Pipeline
  3. Configuring Tasks in GoCD Pipeline
  4. Configuring GoCD Agent
  5. Executing GoCD pipeline
  6. Checking Pipeline logs

Note: You can also create GoCD pipeline using Pipeline as Code approach

Finally, perform test Automation with GoCD Pipeline and a Cloud Selenium Grid

  1. Creating the Test Automation Pipeline
  2. Setting up Environment Variable
  3. Checking Build Logs
  4. Verifying Automation Test Run on the Cloud Selenium Grid.

To deep-dive into each step, plz go through the following blog on GoCD: