How many tests can I perform in parallel at LambdaTest platform?

Can anyone please provide me information related to how many tests can I perform in parallel at LambdaTest platform.

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Hey Michael

The no. of parallel tests you can perform will depend on your active plan subscription.

LambdaTest provides support for both Live and Automation Testing over the platform

so let’s say I am on 4 parallel live Tests (25 Users) plan, this signifies that I can have a team of 25 Users, and any 4 of them can launch 4 live sessions parallelly at the same time. Also, any one of the team members can launch all 4 live sessions (in different tabs/browsers).

Similarly for automation testing, as per my automation plan subscription, I can perform parallel testing on different configurations.

Here you need to go: LambdaTest Plans and Pricing | 60 Min/Month Freemium Plan to see different subscriptions of the plan.

Hope this helps you. Also please reach out to our chat support in case of any questions and concerns. we are available 24*7 to help you.

Thanks and Happy Testing! :blush: :blush: