How I Used Python and Selenium To Get a Lifetime Supply of Garlic Pizza Sticks- 9th Edition

Welcome to the 9th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!

Curiosity is the hunger of human minds. Or is it the other way around?

As you contemplate this, a curious and hungry student is somewhere nodding his head enthusiastically. We’re talking about Sanjeet Chatterjee, a guy who actually went out of his way to mould his curiosity and use it to fill his hungry belly every single day. And guess what his choice of food was? Those mouth-watering, cheesy pizza sticks!

Yes, we are not kidding. He used a deadly combination of Python & Selenium to get a lifetime supply of garlic pizza sticks. Before you try to replicate his steps and get a supply of your own, you might also want to take a look at the most interesting stories of the week.

Who knows what other gold mine you may find here!

Here Are The Top Browsers For Cross Browser Testing In 2020

5 min read

Want to perform cross browser testing but not sure which browsers you should start with? Presenting some statistics from 2020 to find the most popular browsers based on devices and continents.

25 Best GitHub Repos for Python Developers

5 min read

The best repositories on GitHub for Python developers and software engineers, whether you want to learn, interview, or hone your Python skills.

A Personal Approach to Risk-Based Testing

5 min read

I started tracking our organization’s Mean TIme to Detect (MTTD) a defect, and immediately noticed that the majority of defects opened were being discovered later in our two week sprints.

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Trust your Developers with Testing

5 min read

Software development is expensive, which makes IT companies skimp on many things from modern tech stack to additional roles on a team. This time, it’s QA engineers who are dismissed over programmers executing software testing.

How To Build Your Reputation As A Software Tester

5 min read

There’s no denying that working on your personal brand is crucial for having a successful software tester’s career. Here you’ll find some solid tips on how to build one.

The Mindset of Developers: Code Libraries vs. Frameworks [Part 1]

7 min read

What are Code Libraries, what are Frameworks, and how are they different? Find your answers in this intriguing blog series about the Mindset of Developers!

How to Set your performance testing acceptance criteria

5 min read

A carefully curated list of ideas that will help you determine and simplify the entire process of setting a test acceptance criteria.

Web Performance Testing with Google Lighthouse

4 min read

When we talk about performance, for some of us, we probably think about server or backend performance. In order to address server performance issues, teams make optimisation to database queries or implements load balancing to distribute network traffic to different servers.

How I Used Python and Selenium To Get a Lifetime Supply of Garlic Pizza Sticks

7 min read

Read how a curious and hungry boy transformed a survey for free garlic pizza sticks into a lifetime supply of the same! You wouldn’t want to miss this story.

Top 5 Cucumber Best Practices For Selenium Automation

9 min read

Cucumber BDD framework is the top choice for developers, and it is essential to follow some practices to make the most of it.

Top 8 Python Testing Frameworks in 2020

9 min read

Python is great for test automation. Many have said so and many have agreed to it. Time to compare the best Python frameworks with their pros & cons!

Best Test Management Tools Of 2020

10 min read

Need help keeping track of test cases and test runs? Test management tools can help - I’ve reviewed the best ones for 2020 in depth here!

Framework review: Karate

8 min read

Karate is open-source and combines API test-automation, mocks, performance-testing and UI automation.

10 Useful Vanilla Javascript Plugins 2021

8 min read

Here are the ten most useful Vanilla JavaScript plugins for 2020. They are guaranteed to make your life easier.

Podcast: Developing The Next Generation Of Testers: The DevOps Girls Bootcamp (with Theresa Neate from DevOps Girls)

58 min

The QA approaches and techniques that worked yesterday will fail you tomorrow. So free your mind and tune in to this podcast.

Podcast: Leading Quality with Ronald Cummings-John

38 min

Crushing wrong concepts about quality and laser-focusing on a redefined version of it to bring success to your companies.

Podcast: Uses and Misuses of Common Testing Metrics

47 min

From test case metrics to defect metrics, we are surrounded by a plethora of metrics in software testing. But are we using them properly?

Video: How Python Decorators Function

29 min

Have you ever seen those “@” tags on top of Python functions and classes? Those are decorators – functions that wrap around other functions. Confusing? At first, but they’re easy with practice. Useful? Very!

Agile Testing Days Conference 2020

00 min

This year AgileTD is going ONLINE! Everyone has the chance to attend AgileTD 2020. Join them from 10 to 12 November.

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