How does Playwright manage element visibility and interactivity versus other automation tools?

How does Playwright handle waiting for elements to be visible and interactable compared to other automation tools?

Hi Dhara,

I hope this message finds you well. Regarding your inquiry about Playwright’s capabilities in waiting for elements, I’m pleased to provide you with a concise overview.

Playwright offers a variety of methods to wait for elements to be visible and ready for interaction, surpassing the control offered by other automation tools such as Selenium. Let’s delve into three crucial aspects of how Playwright manages this:

Using waitForSelector: Playwright’s waitForSelector method allows you to wait for an element to appear in the DOM and become visible. It also provides options to wait for the element to become interactable (clickable). This method is more flexible than Selenium’s implicit or explicit waits, as it allows you to specify conditions for waiting.

Example: await page.waitForSelector(‘#myButton’, { visible: true, timeout: 5000 });