How do I pass the SafariOptions in Gauge?

Tell me how I can pass the SafariOptions in Gauge.

Hello Dipen,

You can pass the SafariOptions in Gauge. Here is the sample code:

import org.openqa.selenium.safari.SafariOptions;

public class SafariSetupLibrary
        extends AbstractMutableCapabilitiesLibrary<SafariOptions> {

    public SafariSetupLibrary(BrowserRegistry manager) {
        super(manager, new SafariOptions());

    @Keyword("Set automatic inspection")
    public SafariSetupLibrary setAutomaticInspection(boolean flag) {
        return this;

    @Keyword("Set automatic profiling")
    public SafariSetupLibrary setAutomaticProfiling(boolean flag) {
        return this;

    @Keyword("Set use technology preview")
    public SafariSetupLibrary setUseTechnologyPreview(boolean flag) {
        return this;

    @Keyword("Start safari")
    @Parameters(min = 1)
    public void start(Invoker invoker, String browserName, String initialTabName) {
        startBrowser(invoker, createBrowser(new SafariDriver(getOptions()), browserName, initialTabName));