How do I know if my website is mobile friendly?

Where should I check if my website is mobile friendly or not?

Hey Tim!

To determine if your website is mobile-friendly or not, you need to perform mobile responsive testing of your website. You can go for any mobile responsive testing tool like LT Browser. LT Browser is a developer-oriented tool that lets you test your website for responsiveness across 50+ pre-installed devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops & desktops.

You can even create your custom devices as per your desired resolution and save them for later use.

Below is the list of features that you get in LT Browser:

  • Test for Responsiveness

  • Hot Reloading

  • In-built debugger

  • Performance Report of your website

  • Network Simulation

  • Sync Device feature

  • Mouse Pointer feature

  • Full page Screenshots

  • Get JavaScript Error Reports of your website.

You can also refer to the post 11 Reasons Why Developers Should Use LT Browser to deep dive into the above-listed features.

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