How do I build automation test framework for regression testing?

Please someone give me a tutorial on how do I build automation test framework for regression testing.

When planning to build a framework for regression testing, the most important is its architecture as the design of architecture has a major role played in automated regression testing. Below-mentioned is the requirements for building a regression testing framework: • Build a structure that is capable to manage the regression tests including for both test suites and test cases • Choose an appropriate regression testing tool that is capable to manage and perform the structured regression tests to remove the bottlenecks • The framework has to be specialized to automate the black box testing, networking software, integrated access devices and has the ability to extend its testing for other software • The framework must be able to eliminate human intervention, drive the required test suite and runs the tests • Should validate the test results, compare the results with the expected results, and then decide which test case is succeeded and failed A few of the tools that can help you to perform regression testing are IBM Rational functional tester, Ranorex Studio, Sahi Pro, Katalon Studio, TestComplete, Testsigma, etc. or choose help from an expert QA specialist for the best approach.