How do I become an expert in UNIX and shell scripting?

Please someone tell me how do I become an expert in UNIX and shell scripting.

So here are some books for beginners while others are for developers who already have some basic knowledge in Unix.

Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment

This book is one of the best available in the market. Sir Richard Steven wrote this book about 3 decades ago when Unix was first developed and developers consider this to be a timeless classic. Beginners in Unix language starts building up their concepts through some amazing features like

  • Examples of practical code with line wise explanation.

  • Graphical illustrations that makes you understand how different processes work.

  • Different editions of the book are released, each updated with the latest tutorials according to version change of the Unix operating system.

If you want to learn Unix, this is the best book to get started. Also, for people who already know Unix and want to refresh some old concepts or learn new ones, this book is recommended by developers all around the world.

The Linux Programming Interface

This is relatively a new book, unlike many older books followed by developers. Michael Kerrisk, who is a maintainer of Unix, wrote this book to help fellow developers. He was working on Unix since 1987 and his focus has been on Linux since 1990. However, to understand this book, one needs to have their basic concepts clear about Unix. It helps developers by

  • Detailed explanation of the Linux interface that is behind the application development.

  • Building up the basic knowledge of library functions.

  • Detailed information of signals, clocks and timers in Linux.

Beginning Linux Programming

Richard Stones and Neil Mathew wrote this book. Several editions are available, the current being 4th. For beginners who are planning to become an expert in Unix programming, this is one of the best books to begin with. The book contains

  • Explanation of C libraries used in Linux.

  • Procedures explaining how to get the most out of development tools that are used in Linux.

  • How to develop a graphical interface efficiently

  • Basic understanding of TCP/IP network protocols.

How Linux Works

Programmers are often curious how stuff works. Written by Brian Ward, this book helps them take a deep dive under the hood. Programmers generally spent a lot of time in understand how processes work behind most used technologies like .net of Java. Very few spent their time on Linux, which is more important and probably will help programmers in future also. Reading this book, developers can clearly understand how everything works by reading detailed information about

  • How networking operates

  • Process of system rebooting