How can I test file upload feature functionality on Lambdatest

I want to testing file upload functionality on LambdaTest tool. Can someone guide me?

Hi Russell,I’ll be happy to help you here. As you’ve not mentioned if you’ve query for real time testing or in automation. I’d be answering for both cases :slight_smile:

Real Time Testing:

To test file upload functionality in real time testing, as the remote VMs are available in cloud and not directly connected with your local machine. You can simply upload your require file to be tested on Internet using Google Drive or any data storage cloud. After which, you can open it in the remote VM, and from there you can download it. This way it would be available in the remote VM of LambdaTest.

Automation Testing

Selenium also supports uploading the file in remote VM through automation using Robot class or through LocalFileDetector. I’m taking reference for Java as a sample in the below example that would be helpful to perform the same in automation.

More details: How To Download & Upload Files Using Selenium With Java | LambdaTest